Back to Camping Summit

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Take back control of your business and your destiny.

May 11-12 2020 – Virtual Trade Show –

Get Answers and Strategies for questions like:

  • What will re-opening look like?
  • What will bookings look like?
  • Should I really plan for a 30-50% reduction in business this year?
  • How do I handle cancellations?
  • Will I need to change how I clean and manage my bathhouse?
  • How long do I need to keep my public areas closed?
  • How do I keep myself, my family or my staff safe?
  • What government assistance programs are available and what do I need to do to get them?
  • PLUS – Answers to questions you have not even considered asking yet.

The Tactics, Strategies & Actions You Need

Successfully navigate your Outdoor Destination business out of the COVID19 Crisis

Reason for the Summit

As we exit this unprecedented global pandemic our industry is uniquely situated to recover relatively quickly. The key factor in this recovery relies upon the Outdoor Destination operators and their ability to adjust operations, marketing, and customer service to a changed world. Our internal polling has shown that 60% of destinations are either struggling or in serious financial troubles. In addition our external polling shows that the consumer has changed perceptions and needs for outdoor travel this year.

Mission of the Summit

Empower Outdoor Destination Operators with information, strategies and action plans to allow them to get back to business and succeed following the COVID19 crisis.

Summit Details

The Back to Camping Summit is all about helping park owners, operators, managers, and staff to get their businesses “back to business” as fast and efficiently as possible. We believe that the success of the Outdoor Destination industry depends upon the success of the parks and that now more than ever they need guidance from a targeted and diverse swath of industry professionals.

Educational Sessions

Headlined by Toby O’Rourke KOA President & CEO the Back to Camping Summit provides 19 sessions designed to give you the answers you need today to get your business back in shape.

  • How should you clean you bathrooms?
  • What will business be like this season?
  • What steps can I take to save cash while improving business
  • How do we account for losses or the PPP loans?
  • and any others you have!

Industry Gathering

Join with the industry as we come together to get our business “back in to business”. Engage, discuss, learn and share from operators, owners, vendors, industry professionals, developers, dreamers, and everyone that makes our industry run.

  • Live video sessions
  • Q/A sessions
  • Discussion areas
  • Tradeshow area (amazing deals)
  • Access is live thru May 31

The Back to Camping Summit is presented by in association with RoverPass